How Much Does A QDRO Cost?

As you know from your divorce most lawyers charge an hourly fee of $150 to $400 per hour; at those rates the seven steps above can add up to a lot of money. The other problem is that with an hourly rate you do not know what the final cost will be. I take a different approach and charge a flat fee of $800 with no additional charges. The only time that additional fees will be incurred is if it becomes necessary to go to Court to fight about the QDRO. 99% of the time Court intervention is not required to resolve a QDRO, but if that happens then additional legal fees will be required. Should Court intervention become necessary my hourly rate of $250 per hour is lower than many attorneys.

Be aware of QDRO services you see on the Internet offering prices between $350 to $450 to prepare a QDRO. These companies will only prepare the QDRO and they will not get involved with having the QDRO approved by your ex-spouse or with submitting the QDRO to the Court for approval as they are most likely not licensed to practice law in New York State. If you use one of these QDRO services you will have to consult with an attorney in any event, so you might as well have an attorney handle the whole thing and have it done right.

How Do I Get Started? – Email Me and I will forward you a Retainer Agreement, which spells out my services and other documents which you need to sign and complete. Upon receipt of a signed Retainer Agreement and $800 per QDRO, I will get started on your matter.